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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Northern New Mexico Rain Makes Everyone Happy

Around here no one complains of rain, even if it sometimes adds a little destruction to folks' lives. Last September the flooding was described as one of the 100 year variety, yet when people mentioned what was damaged at their places, they almost always prefaced what they were about to say with "I'm not complaining, but...." There is a lot of thanking God for the rain, which is good because everyone should be thankful for a gift.

And that's what rain in Northern New Mexico is: a gift, especially after the 3 years or so of vicious drought ranchers and farmers have endured. With that drought came skinny cattle, no grass, having to buy hay from other states, sending cattle to other regions of the  U.S., blowing dust, water restrictions, and lack of income. Now the drought maps have reclassified our area as moderately drought-stricken, because the drought isn't over until we see a big old snow pack this winter in our mountains.

But that doesn't mean that we can't be happy, even if it is a conditional happiness.

At the Nickel and Dime Ranch the rain means swollen creeks and lots of grass.

An overflowing beaver dam.

A new flower garden kicking into high gear.

Wild pollinators doing their thing. I miss my bees.

And Ms. Pearl, taking a sunbath after a swim in the creek.

It's been a fun family-and-friend-filled summer, but I have to say that the rain has made it truly wonderful. Thanks, thanks, and more thanks.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer At The Nickel and Dime Ranch

Happy 4th of July and Fiestas Weekend!

We had some crazy hail and drenching rain yesterday. The day started out without a cloud in the sky, the temperature a nice 82 degrees. I was in Las Vegas and saw clouds gathering over our place and called Tom, but he wasn't answering. Now I know why.

Ms. Pearl did not like it one bit. It was crazy and insane!

The hail did a number on the outside garden. It looks kind of like someone took a golf club and did some swinging.

The green beans were the worst, but we will just have to see if they recover. I have veggies in the Growing Dome, so all is not lost. 

The flower garden looks like it did last week when I took this pic.

Just another summer day in Northern New Mexico.