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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Preppy Pod by Elizabeth Hartman

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? It's not that I haven't had anything to write about, but winter happened and I think I must get a touch of depression during those months. I think no one is interested in what I'm doing, the leaves are off the trees and the grass turns brown and so does my brain. Plus, this winter was boring, with little snow, or even rain,  and not even some really cold weather to talk about.

But winter is over.

And it was spring for about three days before the weather jumped into summer mode, just like that! Summer here has an average temp of around 82 degrees, and that's where it is right now. I'm stoked.

These two quilts were finished this past winter, but languished for months waiting for their binding. Some of my quilty friends love binding and will sit in front of the television to get it done, but I just want to watch the danged show, which is also why I only have 3/4 of a sock knitted.

So I started these a couple of years ago, having two little grand nephews in mind, with a Preppy the Whale pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. After piecing about six Preppy blocks and realizing I'd need 54 whales for two quilts, I said, "Forget this!" and put them away. There had to be a faster way to get these quilts done. A few months later I found Preppy Pod, also by Elizabeth Hartman, and leaped for joy. Loved making those gigantic whales at the bottom of each quilt! (Believe me, these quilts are square. The wacky wind would not cooperate!)

The fabric for the whales came from scraps, well, all but the large green whale, whose fabric came from ThreadBear, my LQS.

ThreadBear also supplied the sea creatures and sharks backing fabric. It just went perfectly.

Michael Siewart did the quilting honors, choosing a circles pattern since well, bubbles.

Binding fabric is this Kaffe Fassett Collective swirly something or other I found in my stash. It works well for multi colored quilts, doesn't it? (Apologies for not taking a close up of the binding!)

I've had some fun making Elizabeth Hartman's animal design quilts and there's one more to bind, but not whales. Maybe I will practice multitasking and watch Barry whilst doing the hand sewing.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Finally a Finish: Fancy Forest Thistles by Elizabeth Hartman

I can't stand thistles. Well, specifically, I can't stand Scotch thistles, stickery, noxious, non-native weeds, that take over grazing areas if a rancher isn't diligent. Every spring and early summer Tom, and I, sometimes, are out and about on the Polaris, hoes at the ready.  An aside: I still remember when I taught The Good Earth how the line in the book about Wang Lung grabbing a hoe and going outside would get a good laugh from the Beavis and Butthead types in my class.

Chopping thistles is hard work, and Tom tries hard to get the Scotch thistle population under control while sparing native thistles which provide nesting material for our local birdies.

So let me say not all thistles are bad, but those Scotch thistles are.

A while back I made a Fancy Forest quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman, and I loved making the thistle blocks. Fancy Forest doesn't have its binding on, so I will let you see that one another day.

But those thistle blocks seemed fun, so I used some random fabric here and there, with a  Moda Grunge Basics Olive Branch Green background, to make a kid-sized quilt. It's embarrassing to say that the top was completed over a year ago, but other projects were calling, so it waited. And waited, patiently. If they were real thistles, they would have proliferated one hundred fold!

Anyway, here's Fancy Thistles and thanks to Tom for holding it up. I like these thistles.

If you click to make the photo bigger you can see the quilting by Michael Siewert of ThreadBear in Las Vegas, NM. Love the leaves and vines pattern, so apt for the piecing.

Icing on the cake: This quilt won Second Place at the Colfax County Fair's quilt show for the small quilts, two makers, division.