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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

They Didn't Crack the Safe and That's a Good Thing!

When planning our relocation to New Mexico, we decided after much debate to spend the big bucks for a full service mover. We were not starving students like when we originally moved to Alberhill thirty some years previously. And we had accumulated a lot of stuff, including some pretty heavy gun safes. Those suckers are heavy! I wanted this move to go smoothly. Leave it to the pros, we said.

My Tennessee born dad used to say, "Want in one hand and s@#* in the other and see which one gets fullest the quickest." And you know by now we didn't get what was in the "want" hand when it came to the movers.

There were several safes to move into the house including one really humongous one.
Ernest and Tom realized they couldn't use their considerable brawn to move this safe into the house, but Ernest had his tractor stored here, so they decided to use the scoop to carry the safe to the porch. Unfortunately the tractor's scoop wasn't angled enough to push the safe up the ramp and onto the porch.
So they used their manly ingenuity. Tom brought the Toyota Tacoma into the yard and winched a cable to the bumper with the other end around the safe. The cable snaked around a heavy log post on the porch and the pickup dragged the safe up onto the porch.
From there it was a piece of cake (just kidding, guys, I know it really was hard) to move the safe upright and dolly it into the house.

Exhausted, but basking in the glow of success.

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