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Friday, September 23, 2011

Growing Dome Doom

News from the Nickel and Dime Ranch was not good today. Ernest called:

"Well, I have bad news."

The first thing I thought was Bonniecat was dead. It was a dreadful feeling.

"What happened?" I asked, expecting the worst.

"Those little shitheads! They got into your dome and trashed the place!" When the steers are behaving badly that is what Ernest calls them.

What happened was Ernest came by to check on the place and only saw three steers. So he started looking for them. The door to the dome was open and all three cows were in the Growing Dome, having a major nosh. A cattle cafeteria! A bovine bonanza! A shithead spectacular!

So everything is gone: giant, still ripening yellow tomatoes, chiles and sweet peppers, baby lettuce and cold weather tomato seedlings, green beans, the whole enchilada.

Just a few weeks ago I was admiring the garden and congratulating myself. I guess I shouldn't have crowed too soon. When we get back I will get everything started again.

Shitheads happen.


  1. So sorry! How did they get in? Maybe you eed to build a fence (a sturdy one) around the Dome.

  2. @Anonymous-The guy making the fence should have finished it by now...we are pushing for this week, so all will be secure then.


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