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Friday, February 17, 2012

Stolen Quilt Last Seen In Albuquerque

The Quilty Blogworld is working together to get out the word about this quilt that was recently stolen. Since it was last seen in Albuquerque, NM, I thought we should publicize this.

Here's more info:


  1. Who would steal a quilt? Was this one valuable for some reason? Seems odd to me.

  2. Quilt theft is more common than you might imagine. At quilt shows, fabric shops, quilting classes, museums, and at shipping facilities, quilts have gone missing. Some are art pieces, some are by famous quilters, and others are just too cool to pass up, I guess. A quilt this size probably has 200 dollars worth of fabric and another 200 dollars spent on long arm quilting if they had someone do it for them.

  3. When my tia Emilia used to make quilts she would use old clothe and cloth from sacks of flower. The remainder she tied into long lengthe of srting that she would then braid and make rugs.

    That was back in the early 1950's

  4. To New Mexican: I am slowly collecting vintage flower sacks to make a quilt someday. Those prints are cute! I think we are moving into a more frugal mindset, repurposing stuff we already have.


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