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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quilty Pleasures Wednesday: Dashes and Patches

A year ago I went to the Ogallala Quilt Festival to see the quilts and take a class or two. It's a quilt show in Dimmett, Texas sponsored by the Ogallala Quilters' Society and they manage to attract a growing number of entries and spectators for their quilt show and some excellent teachers and speakers as well. This year I missed it and darn it, David Taylor was the big name and according to a friend, he is an entertaining speaker and patient teacher.  In the past they've had Melinda Bula and Paula Nadelstern, too. If you want a sense of what Dimmett, Texas is like, read this blog post by Melinda Bula.

Anyway, one class I took was taught by Yvonna Hays, a notable local quilter who designs quilts, pieces the big raffle quilt offered each year at the Ogallala Quilt Festival, and teaches a class or two on top of all that. The quilt was from Yvonna's design, Dashes and Patches, constructed from churn dash and nine patch blocks of assorted sizes, from 3 inch nine patch blocks to 12 inch churn dashes.

This happens a lot:  I started this quilt while in class and set it aside when other quilt projects jumped up and down,  calling, "Make me! Make me!" Last week I got out my stuff and am pushing to have Dashes and Patches pieced by the weekend. And I'm going to do it!

Below are some big old 12 inch churn dash blocks. I've used a pack of Hope Valley fat quarters designed by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit.

Next are some of the 6 inch churn dash and nine patch blocks. There are still some 9 inch and 3 inch blocks left to assemble.

It's fun working with these fabrics, each block different. I keep saying, "This one is my favorite!"

Don't you love a pile of pretty fabric just waiting for you?

 I am such a cutup.


  1. Yup! You are a cutup:) So glad to see quilting on the Nickel and Dime Ranch. I loved seeing the decorating of a kind!

  2. What fun whimsical fabric. You gave me an idea to use with my new blocks. Always like the churn dash!


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