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Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Chips

Yesterday I took out the apple corer-peeler that Trudy gave us long ago and used it to cut up some Red Delicious apples. The apples this years are amazing, but we have decided the Red Delicious are actually the least delicious of our three trees.

That said, I decided to dry these guys and now I can say that they really are delicious! The mildness that is a Red Delicious has been concentrated during the drying process making them a worthwhile snack.

I have a dehydrator but was too lazy to dig it out, so I tried drying apples in the oven. It was easy and in two and a half hours at 250 degrees, they were done!

This is the recipe I used from Serious Eats. There was a short dip in some sugar syrup before I placed them on parchment lined cookie sheets. Halfway through I flipped the slices over. At the two hour mark I checked them again and they weren't dry enough so they got another half hour. It has been raining here, so I figure there was humidity in the air.

Four dried apples filled a quart sized plastic storage bag halfway. That doesn't look like much, but when I did a taste test, I realized that about three of these slices was plenty for a little pick me up snackaroo.

I'm doing more today, and I will take out the dehydrator to work alongside the oven. We have a crapload of apples on these trees and I don't want to waste them.

Next: Apple Pie Filling


  1. Sounds delicious!! My neighbor has one tree and I've picked lots of apples. I am going to try this too. I don't know what kind of apple it is - green similar to a granny smith - a little tart. I've made applesauce, apple muffins, apple bread. I am looking forward to your apple pie filling.

  2. Red Delicious are meant to "rest" in a cold place until after Christmas. They'll be alot better then.

  3. from balloon fests to drying apples--it's so fun to read about your adventures. DH's parents dried apples in Southwest Albuquerque and we always got a few sacks from them. This post brought back lots of memories. Our small crop is picked and in the fridge--we don't have delicious, I think ours our Fuji. Nothing like a fresh apple in the middle of the afternoon! I too, am waiting on your pie recipe. The one I used last Thanksgiving was really great!

  4. Don't know if you get this, but it's full of fun ideas for apples--mine just came today in my inbox.


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