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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

California Dreamin' With A Little Mad Max Just To Make It Interesting

It was a week ago that we returned from a two week family and friends visit to Southern California, bringing our flu bugs to a new climate and time zone. I hope they enjoyed their stay.

We had just enough time and stamina to bring in the groceries we picked up at Santa Fe's Trader Joe's and store the perishables before we took to our bed, fever dreams and all.

My best fever dream was a dusty, post apocalyptic Mad Maxian video game scenario. When I coughed, mud huts blew up.

When I wasn't having bizarre dreams, I looked at this photo.

That's Newport Beach on a weekday in January, uncommonly warm for a California winter, with a few people lazing on the sand, a killer view of Catalina Island on the horizon. It was a "best time" among the good times we had during our visit. That's MBB going out for a polar bear swim on the right.

Here in Northern New Mexico, it's warmer than usual, too, and the flu bug has flown, leaving us with a nasty cough and weak constitutions.  Ms. Pearl and I may go on a little walkabout today to check out the ranch and breathe some fresh air.

Oh, yeah. I think I will empty the Trader Joe's bags still there on the kitchen floor, too.


  1. When I moved from France to California, I was sick for 6 months. Viruses apparently like the California climate and nothing ever seems to die there, so visitors and others that move there are often sick until their bodies build up a resistance to all those bugs. My doctor told me that it was really common for international students to get sick over and over, just as I was.

    I'm sorry your trip made you both so sick. Take care.

    1. Just like fleas in California, viruses just never get frozen out, I guess. I always had some type of allergy while we lived there, and the symptoms disappeared here in Northern NM. The allergies were probably due to air quality. We moved from the most polluted to the least polluted area in the US.

  2. I think a lot has to do with change of routine as well... not to mention going from a very low population to a very high one. I have been ever so healthy here in Flag compared to L.A.! But I do remember that warm period in January when it feels like Spring is right around the corner... now I just go to Phoenix if I need a warm day, then back to the High Country to hide out from humanity! Hope you have a speedy recovery...


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