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Friday, March 21, 2014

Quilty Pleasures: Hard Times, Splendid Quilts

Just thought I'd share my layout for a BOM my local quilt store ThreadBear offered this past year. The blocks are paper pieced and from a book called Hard Times, Splendid Quilts. I actually kept up this time, which is a feat in itself. If you want to know more about paper piecing these blocks or about the book, click this link to a previous post.

The photo is a tad fuzzy, but I took it to see the layout from a different perspective and also to remember how the blocks were placed when I sewed it together. As you can see, I used large pieces of the black pin dot background to lay everything out before I did any cutting.

I wanted to change it up from the traditional blocks, sashing and rows, so did some research and found a modern looking setting at this site. As you can see, theirs was for 20 blocks, so I had to mess around a lot since my 12 blocks did not match the measurements they had. Nonetheless, Generation X Quilters is a new website favorite!

Since we were at a retreat in a hotel, the hallway became the "design wall," which worked out just fine.

It's at the quilter's now, so very soon we shall see how it all turned out.

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  1. I'm so happy to have discovered your blog!!! I recently moved to Santa Fe & am enjoying reading your earlier posts. I love the setting for this quilt. Thanks for the link to the post as I have been looking for a different way to lay out sampler quilts. I'll have to take a drive over to Thread Bear soon to get a quilt shop fix.


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