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Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day 2014

Last week I was gardening and planting stuff and feeling just like this:

A spring snow, though, has put the outdoor gardening on hiatus for a day or two.

Sunrise Snow May 1, 2014
The snow is already melting (look at the wall in the above pic), but the big question is how is the broccoli I planted four days ago doing? And the apple blossoms? How are they? Is everyone out there okay? My Southern California self emerges, panic at any weather change, News at 11!

It looks like one more cold day and night and then temps will be rising. My optimistic New Mexico self says, "Thanks for the moisture and please, bring us more where that came from!"


  1. Yes, we are odd out here in the west (East of Sacramento, but still well into CA.). Rain is prayed for. We've been dry here all winter, and now this spring comes the rain - but we're only at 50%.
    Hope your apples do well.

  2. Let's hope that the very possible El Nino will bring us rain, but not so much that everything floats away!

  3. Really? Oh, my....glad u have your dome.

  4. I was just sharing with someone that in So. Calif., you could stick something in the ground, water it, and it would thrive... not so here in Flagstaff! I have learned the hard way that the temps and climate are harsh, but have also learned that bringing things inside for the winter helps, or keeping them in the greenhouse as well. Meanwhile, I'm heading out to water this morning before the winds pick up again... hateful winds!


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