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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Side of Beef

Our two steers, Roman and Buffalo, were 955 and 1040 pounds when they took their trip to the great blue grama grass pasture in the sky. I am grateful for them, for their comic antics, for their curious nature and for the nourishment they will provide. Their life on earth was a life I wish for all beef cattle: a wandering, eating, sleeping, peaceful existence with a calm and quiet finish. Hell, I wish that existence for all of us!

People often remark that they wouldn't be able to eat cattle that they knew. They would rather get their beef at the supermarket, packaged and ready to go. They feel better about eating meat if they don't have to look it in the eyes.

It's easier that way, yes it is, if we can close our own eyes to the way the majority of food animals are treated. A package of regular old meat from the store is guilt-free until you learn the path that steak or roast took, from its mama to the package you hold in your hand. Read The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan to get a sense of the ethics involved in our modern day food chain.

If you can't afford humanely raised meat? Buy it anyway, but cook smaller amounts. We don't need to eat meat every day. Eat more veggies!  Or become a vegan. I have a healthy respect for those who eschew meat because they just don't eat other living creatures. You're okay with me!

So yesterday and today I am delivering beef. We bought a new freezer and here's what a side of USDA inspected beef looks like, half a steer, about 170 pounds of healthy, never-corn-fed beef, dry aged for 31 days. It's vacuum sealed, so will stay fresh tasting for at least a year.

Every time I take out a roast or a pound of hamburger, you can bet that I will thank the Lazy Boyz and know I did my best to honor their lives while they were among us.


  1. Awesome Bridget! Well said. I always enjoyed our beef, pork, eggs, etc (we also raised hens and turkey's and others...). Tasted much better, and you knew what they ate!

  2. I applaud you for giving the Boyz a good life! I confess I have never raised any livestock or other critters except cats, but I do know I prefer your methods of raising them to the standard industrialized methods so much in use these days. I see a number of properties here raising sheep, cattle, chickens, etc. If I were younger and had the knowledge of how to properly care for them, I would have some here too. Thanks for sharing your stories about them!

  3. @ Judy Sall Fiber Art - Home grown cats are not bad either, taste a little like chicken.


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