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Monday, November 9, 2015

A Quilt, But Not Mine

I thought it was time to share a quilt my friend Ann, proprietor of ThreadBear, our local quilt store, has made. She didn't use this particular design, which I may do on my own version of this quilt, but instead decided on a rows and furrows layout. Most of the fabric is called Story by Carrie Bloomston from Windham fabrics, along with Ann's assorted scraps.

It's from a book called Modern Designs for Classic Quilts, by Kelly Biscopink and Andrea Johnson. Ann's Rows and Furrows layout is the one depicted on the cover, and it looks gorgeous!

I am a fan of traditional designs made modern and this book has some great ideas. One design in the book is a flying geese quilt with lots of negative space. I think that's a perfect idea for this half square triangle panel I've been looking at for over a year.

I can see this panel surrounded by black, with a few more Amish-looking half square triangles here and there in the negative space. Okay. I've talked myself into something.



  1. You are back!! Where have you been??

  2. Welcome back! Love your friend's quilt. I sometimes wish I had the patience to follow patterns, but it is my lot in life to free form it... hope you're having a good autumn. We have snow, rain and wind in the forecast, so it will probably be coming your way soon. Stay warm!

  3. That was one of the favorite quilts of mine in that book, which (of course) I have on my shelf. There are a lot of great ideas in that one, and your plans for your Amish HSTs sounds perfect. The quilt on the front was one of the inspirations for my pineapple quilt that I did last year--the idea of dividing up the colors from the neutral space. A great design!

  4. Yay you're back! Love the Rows and Furrows with the neutral interspersed with color. Good luck with your HSTs.
    Had any snow yet?


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