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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Miss Pearl!

My name is Miss Pearl, and I am seven years old. Every time my people take me on a trip, I get Anxiety Stress Syndrome, and can’t stop panting. This trip they made me eat “Ruthies” and I was sleepy the whole trip.

It wasn't 'till I got to my Granma’s house that I woke up. I am glad that my Granma gave me lots of granmacrackers. That made me feel better.

I don’t like staying in the city, though. Every morning and night I had to be taken to an undisclosed dog-poop park, because at the park on the other side of the street there were signs that said Not and Don’t to everything.

Besides that, there were all these yapping, snarling little Zero dogs, wanting to attack me as we walked to the park! I was scared! They all looked at me like this:

I didn’t get to play much Frisbee here.

I am glad that my dad got me more Frisbees at Petsmart,  because we were running out of them at home. They gave me more “Ruthies” on the way home.

I miss my Granma and Granpa, but am glad I am home with my new Frisbees.

 Thanks, Miss Bonnie, for writing down what I was saying.


  1. Ms. Pearl, my name is Memo,and I have the same problem when I go out for walks... All them little critters growling and snapping... (I would NEVER)~~~ I'm really lucky though, my humans protect me :0P Sometimes they even bite back! BTW ~ love your blog~

  2. Ms. Pearl, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. It was so entertaining. Looking forward to hearing from you again. June (Tara's mom)


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