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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quilty Pleasures Wednesday-An I Spy Quilt

I just finished the top for an I Spy Quilt, something easy and fun you can put together in a day or so. I cringe when I say this because the baby boy who is on the receiving end is almost a toddler. Nonetheless, I had other quilts ahead of this one and now it's this guy's turn. I'm going to machine quilt this one myself, since I had practice last week on the One Block Wonder quilt and am hearing "The Theme From Rocky" in my head.

For non quilty peeps, an I Spy quilt is a variety of different prints, novelty fabrics that each have a name. This quilt has spaceships, dogs, cats, balloons, peas, flags, and, well, you get the idea. You can click on the photo for a closer look.

Do you like my quilt weights?

Since the almost owner of this quilt has a brother and a sister, they can help Mom by asking stuff like, "Where's the dinosaur?" while she goes to the spa and gets a massage.

Or, say, "Point to the doggies!" "It's an excellent vocabulary builder," says the former English teacher.

Don't worry, MBB, I am sewing the binding onto your quilt today. It's all cut and ready to go. 

While I was out photographing the quilt, I noticed the clouds massing, like they do in the afternoons during monsoon season. We've had an inch of rain in the past couple days, so I am hoping for more in a couple hours.

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