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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quilty Pleasures Wednesday: A Finished Quilt, Finally!

For almost two years I have had this quilt, minus binding, folded in the cabinet. In a pinch, I would drag it out and use it for guests, the batting looking totally rattytatty peeking out the sides of the quilt sandwich. This photo isn't the best, so let me describe the fabrics used. They were from a Moda bundle I purchased at least a year before I even started making it, and I am sorry to say I don't know the name of the fabric line. This was pre-blogging, so didn't realize the importance of remembering stuff like fabric names.

The red center squares are two inches, finished, with a four inch border surrounding to end up with a ten inch block.  The Moda fabrics are a coordinated bunch of large chintz-looking florals, smaller florals, plaids and stripes. I had some pink fabric with white dots hanging around, which is what I used to bind the edges. It's very girly and shabby chic.

I have been making more and more pieced backings in order to use up fabric in my stash. (As you can see, my helper was tired of holding up the quilt.)

This quilt went to the Turkey Federation banquet last week for its silent auction, the proceeds going toward scholarship and community charity programs. I decided to pass it on because there are so many quilts in the pipeline, I might as well share.

We are getting some nice spring weather now, and the grass is starting to sprout up, keeping the Angus Boys busy mowing it down. I am glad we have just three steers left, so there should be enough for them to eat until June when they leave. We will still supplement with hay until the grass really gets going because when they are hungry, the steers stand outside the garage and moo until we pull out the Polaris and throw them some flakes of that good hay.

These photos were shot in the afternoon, the western sun hitting the tops of the cliff as it was going down.


  1. Where are the steers going in June, inquiring minds need to know?

  2. Hello, New Mexican. Our steers are being sold to Sweet Grass Cooperative, grass fed and finished beef. You can find Sweet Grass beef at La Montanita Co-op, a grocery store chain in Santa Fe and ABQ, up at Cid's natural food store in Taos,Whole Foods, Real Food Nation restaurant and a bunch of other places. Ours will not go to Whole Foods because although they have had no antibiotics or hormones and live in a non spray ranch, they are not certified organic.

  3. Beautiful quilts and lovely shot of the Growing Dome. You live in an amazing place!


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