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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shoveling Out The Sewing Room-Quilty (Non) Pleasures

First, an apology for not being here much. Two events have conspired against me: I hurt my hand, so typing is difficult with a splint and then my laptop wouldn't wake up. We had to schedule an Apple Store visit and drive 3 hours to get there. New Mexico has one Apple store.  Of course the laptop had to stay at the computer hospital for a few days and then it took a while to get back to pick it up. I must say the Apple store on a Saturday in Albuquerque is a trip in itself. There were more people in the store than in all of our little village. Since the village population is around 27, you can see where I might be a tad overwhelmed.

So the computer has brand new inner workings, but between computer, doctor, and occupational therapy, I have been missing. The hand is a tad better with the horrible therapeutic exercises I must do to get my finger tendon back in place, but today, the day when I was ready to get back on the blog schedule, the internet went out! It is snowing, so I will blame the snow.  I am using my phone for this post.

Last week we hauled my giant fabric storage shelf unit upstairs to the bedroom closet. We wanted to make the sewing and guest room roomier. Even after he hauled all the bins of fabric upstairs, props to Tom who didn't say much about all the fabric.

Two of the five storage sections on these shelves.
 But a giant pile of detritus and debris remains in the center of the room and I have been avoiding it.  Like the plague.

I have shared this shameful photo because there are some folk who think I am organized and know how to do everything. What can I say? Now you know the real me. I pretty much shoved everything onto those shelves and now I have to figure out where the hell it all goes. Last week I gave a bunch of supplies and clothing away, and this mess is what remains! Aargh!

Since it's snowing on and off today and not too warm outside, I have decided this is the day to face the flotsam and jetsam and to deal with it.  Tomorrow I will post pics of the cleaner, spiffier Quilt Cave.

Really. I promise.


  1. Bridget, looks a little like my moms spare room. But hers has a huge cal king bed in the middle the mess or should I say extra supplies are luckily in storage bins surrounding it. We all have it :)

  2. I hope your hand feels better soon! No need to be ashamed of your "before" photo...there is no way you can do a hobby and not end up with extra stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else. I look forward to the "after" pics! Good for you for taking this on, especially given the recent hand and computer problems.

  3. Oh, Bridget - Hope your hand heals fully and soon! And THANKS for posting a pic of a room that looks like (at least) one of my rooms! After seeing tomorrow's pics, maybe I'll be inspired to attack (one of) mine!! :-)


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