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Monday, April 9, 2012

Cattle Cafeteria and the Lunch Lady

 Because the grass is just starting to come back after the (what seems like) long, cold winter, we continue to supplement the Angus Boys' grass with what's left of our hay. They eat hay in the evening to get more fuel calories for the cold nights.

Here's Ms. Pearl, the crazy lunch lady, guarding the cafeteria and making sure everyone has their lunch cards at the ready. This is her Polaris Ranger, and you'd better not get too close!

 Sometimes they just can't help themselves, though, kind of like me if there are chipscookiescakecandyanything at all to eat right out there on the counter. It's there, so why not eat it, lunch card or not?

With the words, "Tell them to get back!" Pearlie Girl leaps from her Polaris perch to send The Angus Boys back to their grass.

With The Boys on their way back to the mundane grass, the words, "Okay, come on," bring Ms. Pearl right back. Sometimes a dog needs a job, and when the dog is half Australian Shepherd and half Labrador Retriever, that means lots of stuff to do.

You need a comfy place to lounge between jobs, though.


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