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Monday, April 16, 2012

International Winner Chosen in Hotly Contested Battle

 Weirdness! This blog had 125 international visitors this past week, but only three entered our giveaway. You big wusses! Or maybe you aren't quilters and had no need for a box of fabric. Sorry, if that was the case.

 Oh, well, too bad for you folks who didn't enter, but good for the contestants, who had a 33.33 percent chance of winning!

The winner is Clare, whose comment is below:

Clare said...
Isn't it amazing when you do something like this and your blog suddenly goes quiet! You know how I found you and you know where I am LOL. I just love looking at your gorgeous photos, especially the dome. Congratulations, Clare! I will be packing up a box of fabric for you and it will be in the mail this week. Yay! Thanks for the comments, people, and I promise to add some photos of Las Vegas, keep up with my recipes, and take some more pics of the Growing Dome and what's inside.

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  1. Congrats Claire, wish I saw this sooner, a little competition never hurt.


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