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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Rough Day for Ms. Pearl

Yesterday Ms. Pearl had a traumatic experience. She is still recovering.

Pearlie came along while I was showing some visitors the bee yard which is surrounded by a portable electric fence. And you can guess what happened.

So today we have a somewhat subdued Ms. Pearl.

When Tom offered to go outside for an adventure, she thought about it for a second.

But staying in the chair seemed like a better idea. It's safer.

Perhaps a little game of Frisbee later today will make it all better.


  1. We once used hotwire around a kennel with a female in heat~~ Well our big Spudder didn't like that... So he pee'd on the wire. Wanna' talk traumatic?? He wouldn't go into the back yard for a long time~ to travel through to the big yard, he'd hug the house, & fenceline to the gate. Oh, yes, he also got constipated because he wouldn't go out to potty... I'm sorry Spud, but I still laugh at that incident.. Jeanie

  2. Poor baby... electricity can be so mean!

  3. And Dickie, you should know! I must be feeling bad for Ms. P because during my nap I dreamed I was shocked by the electrical cord to the computer.


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