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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Northern New Mexico Traffic Report

The other day I answered a phone call from a local friend.

Friend: Hey Bridget! How are you?

Bridget: I'm fine! How are you?

Friend: Doing good. Hey, have you driven on the highway to Mora lately?

Bridget: Nope.

Friend: Well, at Mile Marker 5 there's a big old dead rattlesnake,  about 8 inches around! Somebody already cut off the rattles.

Bridget: Cool! We're going that way tomorrow and I'll check it out.

Friend: It's really big. Okay, bye.

Bridget: Bye


  1. Hilarious my what can you make and show us from the remains??

  2. I don't see it... LOL!
    You live a way different life. We saw a small rattler on the street in Folsom a couple of days ago. He was just trying to stay away from our car. (We had backed up to see it.) It was on the way to a small creek, I think. One was near. We allowed him to pass unharmed... hope he eats lots of rodents in his lifetime.


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