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Monday, February 25, 2013

Quilty Pleasures: Quiltcon 2013

I just had a fun weekend in Austin, Texas at Quiltcon, sponsored by The Modern Quilt Guild.

The quilts on display were elegant, funny, thought-provoking and full of ingenuity and my class with Jacquie Gering was great because I learned a new technique I can bring home to share with others.

Today, though, I just wanted to share one quilt with you, the Best in Show quilt which I really need to wrap my head around a bit because the artist, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, did something really weird and interesting while making it.

In her blog post, she says she made an entire quilt top and then cut it up to make the pieces she needed.

I will show you some closeups of the quilting in this quilt in another post. The quilting is intricate, varied, and really drop dead amazing. The quilter was Lisa Sipes and I need to learn more about her.

Bye for now!


  1. How exciting, just being at QuiltCom, but then to meet some of the more celebrated quilters of our day! And you have a picture with Victoria! Thanks for sharing

  2. Well hi there! I'm happy you want to learn more about me! :) and I'm glad you had a good time at the show. It looks like it was a raging success. Yay!

  3. Wow! fun ideas ahead! Can't wait to hear more from you. That is one striking quilt!

  4. haha! You grabbed a photo of Meredith and I! Meredith Schroeder is the head of AQS, the sponsor of the best in Show award! Yes indeed, I made an entire quilt top, (I often do this) and cut from it what I needed for all the pieces within the double rings. Everything else gets thrown back into my scrap bin! Liberating! ;-) Thanks for your nice post!

    1. I am home now, so was able to take a little computer time to switch photos...this one is mine! You can see the quilting a bit better, but my next post will focus more closely in the details, which are intricate.


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