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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow, Cold, and the Growing Dome Report for February

This morning when we woke up it was 11 degrees F, and there was some new snow here (just a little) and more in the higher mountains.

We're talking maybe a half inch or so, which is good, but we need more snow! New Mexico needs moisture!

There's just enough snow to see bunny rabbit tracks. 

And getting all artsy fartsy taking a photo of a teeny pine cone in the yard.

Inside the Growing Dome, though, it's warm in the sun. Tom put an Adirondack chair in there for leisurely reading and basking.

These snap peas are loving winter inside the dome.

Let us remember "lettuce," my dad used to say. I give the plants a trim and they grow more leaves in a few weeks.

There's a problem with aphids, so I plucked out and threw away a kale plant teeming with the little fellers. More plants are being aphidized, so I will have to mix up a little soap bath. Let's hope after their bath they will give it up.

Recovering from the stomach crud. Lost a couple pounds, so that's good.


  1. Love your growing dome! What's your recipe for aphid cleansing?

    1. Terri, I am using the 1.5 teaspoons of dishwashing detergent (like Joy or Dawn) to a quart of water. I add a squirt of olive oil, too, because it is supposed to smother the aphids.

      You can also buy Safer's insecticidal soap, but I am trying this for the first time. I will report back on how it does.

      Here is a link to some insecticidal soap recipes:

  2. Loving your snap peas and lettuce! I haven't had fresh peas in I can't think of how long, and my goal in life, garden-wise, is to grow my own lettuce and carrots. Maybe this year I'll find the right combination of things to protect them from the elements (wind, cold, bunnies, elk, etc.)! Thanks for the inspiration...


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