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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Growing Dome Update: It's Not Pretty!

While I was enjoying the sewing and conviviality of the quilt retreat, the phone rang with bad news:

"I was looking for the cows and there were only three. So I looked some more and they were in the dome! They must have pried open the door or maybe they came in through the window."

Yeah, right.

The rest of the news was just as good: All the plants were eaten or thrashed. There was some damage.

Well, yeah, when three 700 pound steers are stuck in a 12 foot diameter Growing Dome with the door closed, you can bet the old "bull in a china shop" saying becomes crystal clear. I always wondered why a bull would be in a china shop. Let's just say that someone didn't close the door tightly and the (castrated) bulls came in.

If you want to see what the dome looked like before the steers came a-calling, check out this post for a point of reference.

The boys must have tromped round and round and the door shut behind them and there they were, pooping and eating, going round and round and wondering, "How the hell do we get out of here?"

Their hooves must have been like egg beaters, loosening the weed barrier cloth I had under the bark. And the manure? Well, this is the most local and sustainably sourced fertilizer ever. Delivered right under your feet! Fresh from the source!

One of the Angus Boys stepped into this garden bed. Maybe he needed a little space from the others? Perhaps he needed to get closer to the cucumbers? Who knows what's in a bovine brain? On the way out he must have tripped, since the wooden sides of the bed need to be replaced.

Here's a pile of junk from inside the dome. 
And below are the suspects: I didn't ask who was in there, but since Mignon is the most curious, I suspect he's involved.

And because he's the most belligerent, Number 19 is on the suspect list, too.

They still look cute, and don't they look well fed? The ranch grass along with the dome's salad bar did 'em good!

A lone survivor:

So the fence wasn't built while were were gone and our fence builder has been waylaid for a while, so someone came to the rescue: Cue the spaghetti western music---

Meet The Fencist

And his Trusty Sidekick


  1. So, so sorry! Those darn Angus boys are at it again!

  2. Poor you. At least you've got fresh manure on tap so to speak.

  3. Hi Bridget, So sorry to hear of your loss. Silly steers. Now you'll have to lock your door! Beautiful job with your garden prior to the break-in and lovely, lovely photos as well. We'll be following you! Would you mind if we occasionally share your posts with our followers? Check us out on Facebook too if you get a chance:
    Growing Spaces


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