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Monday, October 3, 2011

Mamablogue: Milking Almonds

 We are still traveling, so posts have been a little thin lately. I saw this today, though, and was whoopdeedooo happy because both recipes here are for stuff I like: almond milk and muffins.

Last year I stopped drinking cow's milk because of tummy aches and all that goes with that: bloating and gas among other things that would amount to too much information. I switched to almond milk and my tum feels much better except when I eat cheese, another dairy item I am eating sparingly unless an exceptional Cowgirl Creamery cheese calls, like a Siren luring me toward the dangerous rocks. Then I say, "What the heck," and pay the price later.

Our niece Teri has a blog devoted to parenting and today's post has a recipe for home made almond milk and another for apple muffins. Here's a link to her blog and both recipes.

Enjoy!       Mamablogue: Milking Almonds


  1. Wow Auntie, I'm honored! Thanks for posting this. And I can totally relate to the dairy issue. No fun, but oh so hard to resist sometimes. I do find that raw milk is much, much easier on me though. May want to give it a try if you haven't already. Happy and safe travels to you guys.


    Check this site out, the lady used to live in NM and now lives in CA and writes about NM


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