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Monday, October 17, 2011

Walking Fall at the Nickel and Dime Ranch

When we left for Michigan, it was summer; when we returned, fall had decided to visit. The monsoons had moved on and the leaves were screaming, "Enjoy it while you can!"

Today we're going to take a walk on the cliff side of the ranch to see what fall looks like from there. Ms. Pearl suggests we go out this gate.

Fall is amazing compared to Southern California, where you might get some brown leaves and that's about it.

The creek is back!

Let's cross the bridge to see what's up. Did you notice the grass is greener?

Here's the creek looking north from the bridge. That rock is a great place to sit and listen to the water.

The skies are clear.  Georgia O'Keeffe liked Northern New Mexico. It's all about the color.

The grass has grown more, but the ground is still pretty dry. At the Livestock Growers' Meeting last Saturday the opening prayer requested more rain and lots of snow.

But the cattle are satisfied, gaining weight and looking like teenaged football players, defensive line. This is one of their chill spots, under the pines with a nice view of the ranch.

Do steers care about the view?

Happy fall, everyone!

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  1. So beautiful. I've never lived any place where the leaves actually changed color, but we visited Indy last year in the fall, and this year I find myself yearning to see those beautiful changing leaves again. I guess pictures will just have to be enough. Thanks for the stroll through your colorful fall, Auntie.


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