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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Kitty: Stone Cold Killer

Sweet little Miss Bonnie has been on a killing spree. In the past two weeks she has dispatched two gophers and one large rat.

When she pops through the cat door and makes that otherworldly predatory feline yowl announcing that yes, indeedy, she has been a busy catty, I always blanch a bit. Will it be alive? Will she let it loose in the house? Will there be blood?

Luckily these three victims have been dead with no blood. So I say, "Good kitty!", encase my hands in old Wal Mart bags, and gather up the body for a fast fling over the fence.

Want to read more about Miss Bonnie? Click this link.


  1. What is better than a good mouser, especially on a farm or ranch. Good Kitty.

  2. Hello,
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