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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Late July Growing Dome Pics

Early dome photo. Love the blue sky.
The plants are growing like crazy in the dome and we are going to be having some major tomato harvests pretty soon. I have eleven tomato plants growing nicely and all but two have been setting fruit. The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen and we get a handful every couple of days.

I spaced the tomatoes about two feet apart in places, and they have overgrown what was planted beneath them. I had to remove two zucchini plants because the tomatoes were crowding out the sun, and I'm removing some green beans, too, to give the tomatoes some more room.

This is the west side of the dome where we have tomatoes, cukes, some bell pepper plants and some beans that look like they are trying to escape from the tomatoes.

I have some tomato cages in there somewhere. I may go with some type of netting next year. The plant in the far corner is confined by some poly netting and it's behaving itself. Amazingly, I haven't fertilized for a month, but when I do, I use Miracle Grow liquid organic. It's made of beets, among other things.

These are the Poona Kheera cucumbers I can't stop talking about. White and mild inside, they are good in salads or just plain. The one on the left is almost ready to pick. I have the cucumbers trained to grow up along their curly trellises and regular old twine. They seem to like the arrangement and they provide shade from the afternoon sun.

Pretty soon I will start seeds for the winter veggies. 

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