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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boyz in the Hood

This morning I drove six miles up our dirt road for coffee with a neighbor. We were going to inspect her beehives, but the weather turned stormy and windy which isn't something bees like. So we took a rain check.

 On the way home I saw these pretty boys and had to stop to say hi.

The guy on the left nickered a hello and ambled closer when I got out of the truck.

Then the pinto decided to investigate whether there were treats involved.

Sadly, I had no goodies but they didn't seem to hold a grudge.

And that ominous sky? Nothing happened!

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  1. Don't give up yet... we're having severe winds here, and they are headed east. Hopefully they will die down before they reach you, 'cause I think they are the worst I've seen since we've been here.
    Love the horse pix!


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