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Friday, April 29, 2011

Giveaway Winners Announced!

This blog operation is decidedly low-tech: Since there were just nine comments and one was mine, here's what I did:

1. I made slips of paper for everyone except me. Then I placed the slips into an empty gelato carton (Van Rixel Bros. Creme Brulee Vanilla Gelato made in Albuquerque--very rich. I was able to stretch this pint for two months due to extreme guilt).

2. Then I drew two numbers.Do you like my new tablecloth fabric? It's much brighter than it shows here. I may need sunglasses to eat dinner.

3. And the winners are.....Jacky and Pattie! Email me your mailing info and I will get your prizes in the mail Monday.  Congratulations, winners!


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  3. congratulations theer!

  4. woo hoo! i'm a winner...i always knew i was a it's confirmed! thanks theer....

  5. Congratulations....I'm happy to see the winners! We are the makers of those prizes and we hope you enjoy them. Let us know what you think!!

  6. Yes, I love my New Mexico Soap!


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