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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Version of Where's Waldo?

Twenty acres or so of the ranch in the back are pretty much straight up. You'd have to be a cliff dweller to live there, or a pretty crazy hermit, since it's a steep, rocky hillside topped with rimrock.
If you look closely, you might be able to see Hatchet Jack's Rock. (Tom has named many of the places here at the ranch.) You might even be able to see Tom and Ms Pearl up there if you squint your eyes a tad.

Public service announcement: Just so you know, we do practice safety here at The Nickel and Dime. When Tom is climbing around, he takes a walkie-talkie. That way if he falls and becomes unconscious, he can give me a call and I can summon the medics.
Oh, yeah! There they are!


  1. OK OK OK , I have to come in as anonymous, but I'm here.. Yeah for me! (thanks Shela) What I wanted to say Bridgett, is you would not BELIEVE how envious I am of you guys!!!

  2. Well, I haven't done a post about the disadvantages. Stay tuned....

  3. I don't see any disadvantages. Would love to live there. I'm anonymous too but I'm really June.

  4. I'm with June, no negatives..... (Secret Squirrel)


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