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Monday, April 25, 2011

It's a Giveaway Day!

Hooray! We have a couple events to celebrate:

1. It's been little over a year since we moved to this Northern New Mexico ranchito.


2. We have hit the 1000 visitor mark in just one month! It's amazing and gratifying, all wrapped up in one bloggy package.

We are writing this blog because our family and friends wanted to know what it was like living out here in the wilds of Northern New Mexico. It also keeps us out of trouble and I haven't been arrested even once since I started writing regularly.

The fact that more of you are showing up every day is just plain fun!

This giveaway is a way to show our appreciation for you, the readers. We are using money earned from the advertisements you see on the site to pay for the prizes. Some of you may have, either on purpose or inadvertently, clicked the ads while exploring. That's what's covering the costs. So we are sharing the love. If some company actually does pay for an amazing, spectacular giveaway prize, you will know about it right up front.

Okay, okay! Get to it, you are saying. What can we win?

New Mexico Soap makes handmade quality soap right here in our state. The soap is pretty, smells good, and looks unique. They also sell shea butter, which is the only thing that makes my dry lips kissable. Just ask Ms. Pearl! (and Tom!)

We are giving away two samplers from New Mexico Soap:


Each  Kit contains five components: 

1. Save Our Soap Soap Saver in white
2. One .25 ounce jar of Shea To Go

3. Self-draining pine wood soap dish (made right there in New Mexico Soap's wood shop)
4. Bar Soap(Design and scent will vary)
5. Designer Bar (Design and scent will vary)

These are nicely presented in a forest green customized gift bag.

How can you enter?

Giveaway open through April 28, 2011(Midnight, Mountain Time)

You may enter one time by answering this question in the Comments section of this post:

 What would you like to see us write about at the Nickel and Dime?  If you are an Anonymous poster, you will need to include your name and contact information. may enter a second time if you have a blog. Mention our giveaway in a blog post with a link to the Nickel and Dime Ranch blog. In the comments section, tell that you mentioned us and include a link to your blog.

We will choose two random winners and make the big announcement this Friday, April 29.

Good luck, peeps! Thanks for reading!


  1. Bridget, You are too funny! Only you would have a contest on your blog page. I enjoy catching up with you, and am so sorry that I didn't know you were in the area while I was still in Cal and so were you. Take care my friend, and pet the steaks for me! Jacky

  2. Wow, Bridget, you should write a book. This blog is so well written and interesting. Congratulations on one year in New Mexico.
    I'd like a blog about your most interesting unexpected events/situations/problems. ---Jan
    How do I know what my URL is so I can post with a name and not anonymously?

  3. Jan, I think the URL is if you have a blog or website. If you don't have one of those things, you could also set up a google email account. Use it just for comments and for other stuff where you don't want to share your regular email. Otherwise, if you win, I will just announce your name and you can email me your info. Yeah! That should work!

  4. great idea! woo hoo! let's see...i would like to know all about the stresses, strains, and comedic adventures living with my brother out there in the middle of no where. i loved the decorating blog...can't wait to see the bathroom...i bet it's a museum. actually, i love the whole blog. how about more about your growing dome and your plans for it...

  5. Hahaha!! Nice Auntie Theer!! Lovin' the blog. I would like you to talk about the raising of cows (all the way to how you are going to butcher them for their meat). Sounds morbid I know...but I think everyone would be interested in the process. I think it would be great to see all aspects of the experience. And of course, the HUGE benefit of eating healthy meat. Also, the emotional experience of it all and if you would venture to do it again after the whole process if over. I would also like to here about the dome as well, and it's successes and failures. I guess i generally would like to here how you are utilizing the land that you live on =) And of to here about the decorating of the house too. I am a So. Cal girl after all ;-)

  6. Okay so I am preggo... HEAR not here. Plus I have a two year old that was constantly pulling my arm saying "come on mommy..come on!!" I am surprised I could get even a thought ;-)

  7. I would like to hear all about the dome venture. Getting it set up and all about the things you grow in it. I also love hearing about the adventures of your sweet Ms. Pearl and Bonnie. Love seeing your quilts too......June

  8. Yes, I love the blog and am especially interested in your take on the locals, since I was one at one time. I also love hearing about the cattle, Ms. Pearl's adventures, and the dome. In other words, everything. Well, not so much into quilts, but like to look. First blog I have ever read! Shela

  9. My first blog too, Shela.. But I sure have fun reading the adventures of Ms. Pearl... S.S.


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