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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ms. Pearl-The Ranch Dog

Ms. Pearl is half-Labrador, half Australian shepherd and half human. She's named after an obscure 1950s song by Jimmy Wages called “Miss Pearl." When we bought her seven years ago, son Zack was into rockabilly music and that song was heavy on the playlist. So Miss Pearl it was. Recently Molly decided that Miss Pearl should aspire to a higher calling, so changed her name to Ms. Pearl. M.P. is now a feminist bitch.

Miss Pearl was the proverbial “runt of the litter.” Picked upon by her big, rowdy brothers, she ran to her owner’s porch for safety when we first met her. I said “I don’t want her----she is a fraidy-cat.”  Zack and Tom, however, fell in love right from the start, so we took her home.     

When she arrived home, she almost immediately took her first poop.

 Ms. Pearl is our second Australab,  Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever mixed. She has qualities of both breeds, the herding instinct and (some of the) intelligence of the Aussie and the (some of the) retrieval capabilities and amiable temperament of a Lab.

When Tom and Ms. Pearl go bird hunting, she retrieves but only returns the bird halfway. Then she drops it and that's all she wrote. A hunting friend explained this behavior:  because she is only half Labrador, she only brings it halfway back. Makes sense.

Ms. Pearl's favorite retrieval items, though, are fake ducks and Frisbees.

No animals were harmed in this photo.

Ms. P loves FAF: Frisbee Action Fun
She returns the Frisbees and fake ducks all the way back, without fail, because we are trained to throw them again. And again. And again.

Ms. P is always up for an adventure. When Tom puts on the binoculars or I put on my shoes, she's ready to go.

 Because there might be water for swimming. This is Pearlie Mae's Creek.

Or rocks to pose on.

 She's a fence inspector 

 and a supervisor for the road department.

When she hears the Ranger start up, she jumps into her "Mobile." (That's what she calls it.)

It is Her Car.
She even went out to plow the snow in -19 F weather this past winter.

 Ms. P started shivering, though, so warm blankies were necessary. Next year she gets one of those insulated dog jackets, and who knows what else? I caught her looking through the Orvis dog catalog. Now she wants “an Orvis bed.”  Since she spends most cold nights on our bed restricting our covers, we may have to get her that too.

She isn't just an action dog, though. She has a softer side.

That's my dad
She comforts aged parents.
That's Tom's dad

Gets snacks from her grandma. They are called "Grahmer Crackers."
Tom's mom, ever generous
It's all just so exhausting being a perfect dog.

It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.


  1. What a beautiful life you have been blessed with

  2. Ms. Pearl is so funny and pretty too. Loved all the pictures of her and the comments that went with them. June

  3. this was great! loved the pics with the old guys the best. especially the one with dad asleep and pearl belly up....too funny. i laughed and laughed! great entry!

  4. You know Bridget, I don't think it was a good idea for you to post the baby picture of her "pooping"... Oh so not funny! and if she ever finds out you did that she might retaliate~~~S.S.

  5. Oh, I love her, but you forgot to tell about her human voice and her potential for the bouncing ball olympics. Maybe next time...Shela

  6. oh...and i forgot....lexi misses cuzzin' pearl alot....she just doesn't know it:)


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