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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Feed Me!

Ms. Pearl and Tom stayed in bed while I went out to feed the cattle. It's been snowing and when the grass is covered up, the steers get hay.

They were like party guests circling the chips and queso. "Umm, isn't this just great, bro?" says Mignon, chomping away. "Excellent texture," rumbles Number 27, crunching around his words.

These guys are getting big. I feel a little overwhelmed when I am around them, so I keep my distance. I don't want to get mowed down. Number 19, my only belligerent baby, has gone to his new home and I still give Number 31 a forehead rub, but I am trying to remember they have a limited time here.

Sir Loin and Mignon, the Red Angus/Brown Swiss cross steers, are loving the hay, which is almost as good as our lawn, but not quite as tasty as cucumber plants from the Growing Dome.

Here we are, Ms. Pearl and I, after we've fed the cows. I'm wearing my rugged ranch wear.

More snow is coming. I hope it's a lot because the ground needs moisture.


  1. Where is Pearls coat?? And do you need to borrow my snow gear??? Your a nut! Jeanie

  2. I love this photo. I used to have a bathrobe with moon and stars on it and wore it til it fell apart. Now, I wish I still had one. Ranchwear is it!


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