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Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupy Guadalupita?

We had an occupier at our house. Tom called us the 1% and the occupier was a 99%er. Our occupier was a stray Queensland Heeler dog, a popular breed around here because they were bred to be cattle herding dogs.

She showed up yesterday afternoon on our porch and promptly made herself at home, curling up on the recliner chair that should have been taken to the dump but is still sitting there. She was glad it had been overlooked.

I was worried because she looked like she had recently had puppies and there were no puppies with her. The weather report said evening temperatures would be in the teens and so I worried about puppies surviving this cold.

So we gave her food and water, brought a travel cage onto the porch, propped the cage door open and lined it with a pillow and some towels.

And she spent the night in the recliner chair. What a tuffie!

This morning I sent out an email to local community members to see if someone was missing a dog or who wanted one. I also called a friend to see if he knew anyone on our road missing a dog.

The friend said, "She's at your place?"

Late Friday he had seen some movement on the side of the road and stopped to investigate. Under some pine branches were two puppies. The mom came running from across a field where our friend thinks she might have been hunting for food. She and her two puppies had obviously been dumped. Some folks are just plain dumb and mean!

Our friend had relocated the mom and her pups to a neighboring ranch where she promptly dug a hole under the wooden porch. He had been feeding her there but for some reason she left the pups and ended up at our place.

Our friend went to the ranch where the puppies were and was able to lure them out of their "cave." He brought them to our house where mom and pups were reunited. The photo below is of one of the pups, a fat little fluffball that looks like his mom.

They were gathered together in the truck cab and the Queensland family are on their way to a new home in Las Vegas, NM. Tonight it will be -6 F, so I am glad the dogs will be safe and warm.


  1. oh my goodness! so glad they were reunited! one of those pups could have been a new addition to the boyle rancho, don't ya think?

  2. We would have taken the mom, but we figured traveling with two dogs, one not trained, might be a bit dicey.

  3. A similar incident happened to me when I was visiting my brother. Someone dumped a beautiful, young bird dog (I think). When he was still there after a day and racing around eating bugs off the patio, I went to the store, bought food, and started feeding him. I don't know if my bro will keep him, but I cannot abide seeing an animal in distress! Good for you, Bridget!!

  4. Hooray for finding a home for these dogs. You went to a lot of effort, excellent karma for you!

  5. I really thought that mama dog was a cutie! But I must say that I didn't have to find a home for them because our good old friend had already rescued the dogs and was keeping them at a ranch nearby. No one was at the ranch, so that may be why the mom left...looking for more food, possibly. Nursing mamas need lots of food. But now they are at our friend's home in town, which is a win-win situation. She will be a good cattle dog and the pups are darling!


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