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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Mexico Winter Is Early!

It's not officially winter, yet, but that didn't stop several winter storms along with "dangerous cold" to make a visit to most of the state.

This morning when I got up, the indoor-outdoor thermometer read -7 degrees F. About a half hour later the temperature was down to -9. Dang! That's pretty darned nippy!

We went out to feed the steers because they use extra calories to keep warm and need "some extry" to stay warm and fat.

The creek is a frozen beauty.

But that means the cows can't get to the water. Tom brought an axe to chop up the ice.

Like Sherlock Holmes, Tom followed the hoof prints to favorite watering spots along the creek. He did a lot of chopping to get the creek running.

While Tom chopped, I took a few photos. It's hard work, this picture taking.

Here's the Enchanted Forest:

Now we're inside the cabin, snug as bugs, and arguing about who has to go get the mail.

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  1. so does pearlie may have her winter jacket yet;)? auntie theer


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