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Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Day After Christmas!

We are here in Southern California and dropped by In-n-Out for my favorite burger served protein style. My dining partner had hers animal style.

Next to us was a couple visiting from Hawaii who had never eaten at In-n-Out. "It's so crowded," they said. "You should see the one in Barstow," I replied. "Now, that place is insane."

I think there were more people working at In-n-Out than there are living in the village of Guadalupita.

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  1. Where are pictures of your trip to the "hygienist", or as some like to call it, the dentist?!!! I missed catching up with you, but next time.... This website is great. I love seeing pictures to match my mental images of your place. Maybe someday we will make a road trip out there. Take care and I hope you have a safe drive home. See you this summer.

    Melissa email is


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