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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Early Snow at the Nickel and Dime

Last week while I was in Southern California wearing my consultant hat, The Nickel and Dime Ranch had an early snow. According to insiders, the first snow usually occurs around Halloween. This one was about five days early, late Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

Tom took some shots to prove it actually happened.

Full moon dome

Outside the fence looking in

Bonnie inside the house, looking out. She likes it that way.


  1. absolutely magical! theer

  2. Great pics! thanks for sharing them! Makes me want to (1) visit and (2) curl up in the house by the window looking out.

  3. The snow pictures are beautiful. How come it looks so pretty at your place and so awful here when it snows? We have not had any snow yet. Richard said you did a really good job on the fence. Thank you for the New Mexico magazine. We will all enyoy it.


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