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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Place: El Coyote, Mora County, New Mexico

A couple months ago we went looking for a neighbor's wayward yaks and I tagged along to take photos and to be there in case they needed an extra yak herder. The story is here if you haven't read it. This photo was taken from a neighboring ranch while we were looking for the wandering mountain bovines.

So if you're feeling stressed, thinking about upcoming holidays, or just generally feeling frazzled, here's a present for you. Feel free to use it as your personal desktop if you want to go to this happy place often.  Sit on the rock and take some time off.

Breathing helps, too. Breathe in on a count of 4. Hold it for a count of 5. Breathe out on a count of 6. Let it all out. There. You feel better now, don't you?

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