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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quilty Pleasures-Just a Few Purchases

When we moved from Corona to our place in Northern New Mexico,  I was surprised to see how much fabric I had stashed. It wasn't just fabric, but kits I had made and other kits I had purchased. When the sample quilt in the store was cute, I just couldn't resist a kit!  Lately I have been raiding the kits for quilt projects and it doesn't bother me one bit.

All that fabric and stuff filled up a zillion boxes, so I made a promise to dig into the stash before anything else. I've done a pretty good job and boxes packed to the brim a year and a half ago are now almost empty. I actually need to consolidate.

Of course I still bought fabric for special projects requiring certain colors, or for my small solid projects, or, let's face facts, just because I just loved it!

On my consulting trip to SoCal a couple weeks ago I stopped into a couple fabric stores, just to look, and you know how that usually turns out.

At Purl, the Tustin, CA warehouse component of Purl Soho in New York City, I picked up a few items. A pot growing operation next door was busted and gave them the opportunity to expand, so there is more to see and more to buy, too!

The fabric on the top left and the fat eighths across the bottom are Liberty of London prints, so ladylike and so vintage looking. The smaller pieces will find their way into a quilt and the larger yardage will be a blouse. The birds are from Cloud9 Fabrics, called Across the Pond-Heron. I like herons, the way they just stand in one place, still, just like this fabric.

Then Pattie took me to Sewing Party, a fairly new fabric store in Laguna Hills, Ca. Lots of happy choices here induced me to buy a couple more items:

The jelly roll across the bottom is called London and seems to fit with my earlier Liberty of London purchases. There seems to be a theme here. The layer cake at the top is the complete collection of Veranda by Amanda Murphy from Robert Kaufman.

All in all, a satisfying collection, don't you think?

BUT! That's it except for 1. Store credits  2. Gift cards  3. Free stuff

AND!! I realize I have to catch up with unfinished projects, so I am not starting anything new for a while.


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  1. Ha ha ha! Where have I heard that before!

    I've got some Liberty fabric which would fit in with those blues. Have you signed up for the WWS 2012? You might just get me as your partner. [wink]


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