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Monday, November 7, 2011

Ms. Pearl Digs the Ranch

While Mister is working, cutting wood or stringing fence, I have important things to do, too, you know.

Like swimmin' in the creek. It's called Coyote Creek, but Mister calls it Pearlie Mae's Creek. We don't like those crazy coyotes.

I think something's going on over here. I hear noises, gotta dig into this mystery.

Hey! This is fun! I'm not allowed to do this in the yard. I hope it's okay to dig here. I swear there's something in this hole. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.

Yep, I'm smelling something heavenly in here. A gopher? Squirrel? (Did someone say, squirrel?)

Nothing yet. I think I'll take a little break.

Hmm. I wonder if Mom realizes it's snack time.

Uh oh. She doesn't sound like she wants to give me a snack. I wonder why?

I thought I looked just fine!

Maybe if I rub my face on the sofa she'll give me a snack. What do you think?


  1. Now why do they do that? Rubbing dinner off on the couch 'cuz I didn't leave a napkin by their dinner bowl. Think they're telling me something? Yeah, and the dirt face thing too... what rats! And I want to keep 2 puppies. I need my head checked~~~

  2. i think tom should nuzzle that muzzle...;o)


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