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Sunday, August 14, 2011


This year has been a tough year for hummingbirds, nectar drinkers who must drink  2/3 to 3 times their body weight in food each day just to keep alive. Less rain this year equaled fewer blossoms for the hummers to drink from, so we've been happy to keep the bar open at the Nickel and Dime. We have two feeders, but the birds seem to like this one better. They will empty this feeder before they use the other, probably because the perches are more comfy.
I've counted up to ten at this feeder, some hovering behind their drinking buddies, waiting for their chance. Tom was able to capture seven in this photo, shot through one side of his binoculars. 

Next month we are supposed to quit feeding them. If the hummingbirds hang around too long drinking at the Nickel and Dime bar, it might be too late to travel to their winter homes. Editor's note: A comment from a reader north of Ocate gave me a heads up to a hummingbird website which says it's not necessary to stop feeding when it's migration season. They will go no matter what. In the comments section is a link to an excellent site about these mighty mites.



    Check this article out, I too thought you had to stop feeding, you dont.

    Your reader from North of Ocate

  2. I am glad to know leaving the feeders up can actually be beneficial. We'll leave them up here and the bar will become the "snack bar." Thanks, North of Ocate neighbor!

  3. Kudos to Tom for the awesome through-the-binocs photo. Great work! I love all the photography you post. Beautiful stuff.


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