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Monday, August 22, 2011

Patchwork Curtains

What to do when your daughter needs curtains and you don't have enough of any one fabric to make them?

You patchwork them, that's what! She wanted the aqua blue and green dots, so the first set of curtains I made were just those two. After that I realized she needed curtains for two more bedroom windows and I didn't have enough of either of those two colors. So I improvised, going shopping in my fabric stash for something that would harmonize.

I had leftovers from her spiderweb quilt, so that's what she got. At first I was having a fit about these curtains, but then I looked again and realized they look like something one might buy at Anthropologie, like this tablecloth.

So I figured what the hell. Keep on sewing.

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  1. those are so cute, bridge....really...super creative. and they match her new quilt too. how perfect.... love them....good job...theer


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