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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Sunrise at The Nickel and Dime Ranch

 Ms. Pearl decided we should go for a sunrise walk this morning and I was all up for it since the sun peeks over the rimrock around 8 am-ish. That's not too early, is it?

 It's 56 degrees cool so let's put on a sweater and some trail shoes. Official hiking attire is optional: I'm wearing what passes for pajamas: a UC Berkeley tee and some old pj bottoms. Here. Check it out. Living in the boonies is great! I could wear these p.j.'s all day if I wanted.

 The Buddha is waiting for a visit this afternoon. Time to start a new book.

 Sounds:  A truck rattles down the road. Benjamin, Paul, and crew are up on the mesa a couple miles away, their whining chainsaws thinning trees and brush for a neighbor. Sound travels far.

I'm walking up the driveway toward the gate to see if The Angus Boys are there. No luck. I'm no hat and no cattle this morning.

Although it's still pretty dry, recent rains have encouraged wildflowers, which is good for the bees and little animals.

The Enchanted Forest looks pretty good and from up here I can hear the creek running.

The clouds don't look too substantial. Come on, rain! No cows here, so let's head back to the house. Let's drop by the dome for a minute to feed the fishies and survey the crops.

The cucumber plants are taking over, attaching themselves to the inside door hinges. Let's see what we can find. Lately it's kind of like shopping. Produce for your picking, madame.

I guess those Wal-Mart bags are good for something.

Let's see what we got. That's the fabric for MBB's kitchen curtains under the produce.

We can probably figure what Tom will be doing this afternoon.

It's getting hot outside now. Sun's up and letting me know it's time to go inside.  I don't need the sweater anymore and I forgot my sun hat, so it's time for breakfast. Have a great day, friends!


  1. Thanks~~ I needed the excercise.. (and I just came out of my pj's ;0)

  2. I enjoyed the walk. Thanks for taking me along.

  3. I am so blessed to have seen that same walk. I am finally realizing that being isolated from the rest of the world is not a bad thing. It took me sixty some years to enjoy what I have and not keep wishing to live in some populated area. Maybe it is just called getting old?

  4. As we get older, we understand what makes us tick and what works for us. For me, it's living in the boonies, but reserving some time to meet up with others.


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