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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ridin' Down the Trail

Tom recalls a children's tv show in Albuquerque called The K Circle B Ranch and its theme song:

Riding on the trail to Albuquerque,
Saddlebags all filled with beans and jerky.
Headin' for K circle B,
The TV ranch for you and me.
K circle B in Albuquerque.
Yoodle Ae, eee, ae, aeeee, aeee.....

I've heard the song so often from Tom, my musical co-pilot, that it's always there when I drive on our county road. I don't try to get rid of it, but sing as loudly as I can because that's part of the joy of driving on dirt roads, isn't it?

As I'm driving the seven or so miles of dirt road to the paved highway I may encounter elk, deer, turkeys, goats, sheep, dogs, chickens, cattle, horses or snakes crossing the road. Sometimes dogs and cattle lie in the middle of the road, enjoying the ambience.

Average speed is 15 miles per hour although sometimes I get crazy and punch it to 30 on the straightaways. On a couple narrow curves I take it slow just in case someone is coming from the other direction.

Here are some photos of what's to see on our county road, many of them shot with my arm outside the window as I was driving.

There are plenty of pine trees since we are around 7200 ft here.

This is Ernest's family cemetery. He just cleaned it up and repainted the gate and the cross.

An adobe house and bunkhouse in what's called Territorial Style architecture.

The next three shots are of old adobe buildings in the village of Lucero, established in the mid-1850's. Descendants of the original residents still live here. Much of Lucero is falling down and disintegrating, but it's part of the newly designated Guadalita/Coyote Historic District which means some buildings will be preserved and the area kept rural. Oil and gas drilling could really mess this place up, destroying the natural beauty and culture here. By being listed on the State Register of Cultural Properties, we may be saved from the problems others face if the oil and gas folks come to town.

The Guadalupita/El Coyote/Lucero areas are full of history, having been established in the mid-1850's.
Adobe disintegrates if the outer plastered surface is not kept up.

House and corral

 I feel like I'm entering Shangri-la. when I get here. The places here are primarily for grazing...and gazing.

This is a descanso, a roadside memorial to someone who passed away. I wonder who it was.

It's shady here, entering Lucero.

Lucero goats. A couple of dogs travel with the goats wherever they go and are fiercely protective.
Santa Rita Mission Church, originally built in 1836,  was restored in 2006.

I love my country road. Hope you enjoyed the ride!


  1. I loved the trip! I had never been here before. The sky is the best! Hope you don't become so used to it that you forget. Thanks for the ride! S

  2. Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys played and sang the song. Glen Campbell was one of the band members for a while if I recall. Dick Bills was his uncle.

    Coment is from the far north. North of Ocate.

  3. I enjoyed the trip more than I can say. June

  4. Wow, I just stumbled upon this page and was very surprised to find it. My family is from Lucero. :)

  5. I remember that song too. K circle B was KOB the NBC affiliate in Albuquerque that hosted the show. I do remember Dick Bills and the Sandia Mountain Boys. I think they played a sort of Western swing. It was a western themed kids show and had Gene Autry and Roy Rogers movies. Beautiful country there. Remember that area well. AMS

  6. My family is lucero my dad lee lucero and aunt Alice grew up in the two room adobe house there have been more people berried in our cemetery then you know I remember spreading ashes of my grandpa don...... Craziness


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