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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quilty Pleasures Wednesday-A Christmas Tree Skirt

It's not finished yet, but I wanted you to see what's in the works. I know it's the end of August, but Thread Bear fabric store owner Ann wanted to do a "Christmas in July in September" sale and advertise some upcoming classes at the same time.

You should have seen me tromping around, trying to find just the right tree. Did you know that trees in nature have junk growing around their trunks? So I mashed down the grass and tossed the pine cones to get the skirt to lie flat. It's a good thing the neighbors can't see this place because rumors of my sanity would be flying fast and furious. (I know that's not good grammer, MBB. Want to be my editor?)

To make the quilt I used a 9 degree ruler made by Marilyn Doheny, length 18 inches. She offers ruler sizes up to 25 inches with an extension available to make it 35 inches long. The hardest part was cutting the wedges because it required utmost attention to be sure everything was lined up correctly. Plus, I didn't want the rotary cutter to stray.

Here's a detail of the fabric called Holiday Hoot Owls by Alexander Henry. I didn't fussy cut these because I wanted to be frugal with the fabric, but I like how the owls randomly show up here and there just to say, "Hi."

The skirt still needs to be quilted, which will be in the ditch, and bound, which will be scrappy. Because it's a circle, I will make this a bias binding.

I will not say, "Merry Christmas," just yet.


  1. really nice tree skirt, theer. and the people at Thread Bear will love it because the students will have to by the ruler to make the project. they'd better stock up! good job.

  2. No, I don't want to be your editor. You are your own best editor. That's what I tell my students. It's probably not true. Also, stop mentioning me on your blog. Love you!


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