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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crafty Wednesday-Trudy Knits! She Creates! She's 91!

This is Trudy, my mom-in-law, looking glamorous in MBB's sunglasses and her vintage mink.  Not only does she tip the scale for elderly glam, but she's also the most giving person I know. How giving, you might ask.

A few Christmases ago Trude made knitted and felted wool purses for all the granddaughters, five of them, plus one for me and one for Pattie, her daughter. Seven knitted purses? I'd be nuts after making just one! For years Tom asked for and received two hand knitted sweaters for Christmas. I think I counted over fifty Trudy sweaters when we were packing up to move. Each year, after we open Christmas presents, she brings out her knitting books and we place our orders for next Christmas. She says knitting relaxes her. (I'm still looking for the relaxing part when I knit.)

Just a fraction of Tom's hand knit sweaters, all made by Trude to his specifications
Trudy knitted the scarf on the left for Tom over fifty years ago. It has a few holes, but he still uses it. That's a duplicate on the right he requested recently. Tom wanted it as a spare.

 Trude is 91 years old and still creating. Her favorite thing to say is, "Just because I'm 91 doesn't mean I can't [insert activity here.] I want to be Trudy when I grow up!

Trudy was thrilled we could move to her favorite state, so she made this counted cross stitch picture as a house warming gift last year.  The stitches in this wall hanging are teensy. I don't know how the hell she was able to do this, but she did, beautifully and most successfully.

 Trude stitched these throw pillows for us last Christmas, and they look perfect on our living room couch.  Miss Bonnie loves them, too,  so I try to keep them at an angle so she won't use them as cat beds.

One reason we started this blog was to give Trude a taste of what it's like to live in New Mexico. We figured if she can't travel here, maybe we can bring some of it to her through our blog and its photos. So here's to Trudy, her creative spirit still bubbling over at the age of 91.

PS-Trude would want you to know that she doesn't usually wear sunglasses inside the house and the mink was dug out of storage for this photo op.


  1. what a nice tribute to mom, theer. now you will be her favorite daughter:p! and i love the southwest cluster...never saw the pillows and the sampler turned out appropriate. here's to mom!!!

  2. Oh My!!! Loved this blog! I want to grow up to be Trudy too! Ha ha.... My mother is 92 and was embroidering dishtowels and making quilts until her eyesight recently started to fail from macular degeneration. She still walks at least a mile a day, was showing me how she can touch her toes and stand on one foot for balance last month. She reads several lg. print books a week and knows way more about world events than I do...I guess I want to grow up to be like my Mom as well! What a blessing these older women are to us....

  3. Just took a look at your whole Blog Bridget, WOW! your new house looks awesome along with all the new adventures you and uncle Tom are having! One of these days I will have to come visit.:)I agree Grandma is such a kind and giving woman, but if we all want to be her when we grow up there will be a whole lot of Trudy clones walking around! That might not be such a bad thing. ;P

  4. Yep, Grandma pretty much rocks! I love to brag about how she doesn't think twice about sitting on the floor cross legged at 91 and doesn't even need help up! I want to be like Trudy too. So lucky to have such an awesome role model (and genes;). Creativity, grace, and glamour, that's my Grandma:) Oh, and don't forget the spunk;)

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