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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drought in New Mexico

Eastern New Mexico isn't the only place in the United States with severe drought conditions, and lack of rain in parts of Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida are contributing to a rip roaring fire season this year. The photo on the left shows the driest area of the ranch, with little or no greenery. 

Our six Angus steers, a.k.a. The Angus Boys, are lucky because although parts of the ranch are dry, with grass like shredded wheat,  they still have acres of relatively greener grass and oaks to browse on. Sometimes they even sneak into the yard for a little snack if we aren't looking.

The concern here at the Nickel and Dime is water. The creek is drying up. So far we still have some deep pools swimming with little fishies, perhaps baby trout. There are a few bigger fish that we are watching with interest. If they're going to drown anyway, we might as well eat them or put them in the Growing Dome's water tank.

Here is the creek last year in July,  during the monsoon season. Every year Arizona and New Mexico get almost half their annual rainfall in July, August and September. That's an average, though, and who knows what will happen this year?

Here is the creek yesterday, approximately the same spot as the photo above.

We will closely monitor the water situation and if it looks like the creek will dry up before the rains come (crossing fingers and saying prayers) we will pump water and fill up the water trough for The Boys until they get a little bigger.

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