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Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilty Pleasures-Taos Color, Quilt Inspiration

Orlando's New Mexican Cafe is my new favorite restaurant in Taos, but I'm not here to talk about the food, which is reviewed extensively by all the Yelpers and Trip Advisors and any other organizations out there devoted to finding good food while you're on the road. Suffice it to say that my stacked blue corn chicken enchiladas topped with green and Tom's blue corn soft tacos were excellent. We're here to talk about color today and how quilty inspiration can be found anywhere, even in a bathroom!

Taos is a town devoted to art, with galleries and museums on every block and around every corner. Orlando's decor reflects the artsy vibe in Taos, its outdoor dining patio and even the bathroom bathed in color.

When we walked up to be seated, all I could say was, "Oh!" Beautiful flowers abound and multicolored shade umbrellas keep the sun off diners on the patio. I love the horse trough planter and the tin can hanging pots. I will have to steal these ideas for my own yard.

This is the bathroom. There are a million ideas for quilts in here.

I wanted you to see the sun over the sink. I love the black tile, which gives the eyes a rest. I wish I had photographed the tile work on the right side of the photo, too. Next time, I guess.

Even the sink gets into the act. If I were to make a quilt, even the sink could provide color cues. I know you are out there, quilters and artists who also find inspiration in the bathroom. Where have you spotted some good ideas?


  1. I was thinking the same thing about stealing the tin cans for planters. Wonder if a restaurant, or school district would part with them??? Are they recyclable so I will have to fight with some scrap metal or down on their luck person for possession???

  2. I would ask a local restaurant. I saw empty paint cans for sale at Home Depot or Lowes a while back. That might work, too.


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