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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning at the Nickel and Dime Ranch


  1. Morning Bridget (Tom)(Happy Father's Day).. Had to let you know that my 1st sunflowers opened yesterday :0) I planted a bunch of the bush type to produce seeds to feed the morning dove that live in the Cactus next door. My pole beans have gone nuts and are producing 9 QT. bags in 6 days. So I was passing out fresh veggies at the dog show yesterday. Makes me a very popular person in my club ;0) My cucumbers are giving me 2 a week, 1 plant, and bell peppers everywhere... LOVE IT! (and so do my friends on the receiving end..) But I know WHEN all these tomatoes ripen (and I have alot very slowly ripening), I'll be scrambling to give them all away.. I have at least 20 pumpkins, and no watermelons yet. I love toodling around out there every morning.. Very soothing for the soul... Jeanie

  2. OH! Forgot to mention the "Giants"... Planted 6 giant Sunflowers (12"-18" face).. They are HUGH... Over 9' and finally getting ready to bud. Can't wait. I'll post a pic. Jeanie

  3. Jeanie, you are a master gardener! For your tomatoes, Trudy sets them whole on a cookie sheet, freezes them and bags them up. Yummy tomatoes for spaghetti later on in the winter.

    A fresh tomato pasta sounds good, too.

    When I get the dome fence, I want to have more garden outside, including sunflowers. I wish I was your California friend so I could have some of your produce!


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