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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grass Fed Doesn't Mean Eating The Front Yard!

Yesterday's post was pretty mundane.
"What do you mean 'pretty mundane?'" I ask myself.
"You stooped to writing about compost, that's what I call pretty danged boring."
"Sorry. I was excited about compost. I know that's weird, but when you're retired, living in the boonies, watching the compost maker is an event...."
"Just don't do it again, that's all I'm saying."

After the "compost post", the day was a little more exciting. Mignon and Sir Loin walked through the open garage door, moseyed through the garage and into the yard.

Mignon's been here before. He probably told Sir Loin all about it. Mignon is the smallest, yet he's the ringleader, always up for a little jaunt where he shouldn't be.

Check out this great grass!T

Tom says, "Tell 'em to get out of here, Ms. Pearl!"  Pearl goes into shepherd mode, barking and moving back and forth behind the boys. I cringe when Sir Loin gives a backward kick, narrowly missing Ms. P's head.

The sullen teenagers say, "That's not fair!" They vow revenge on Tom and Ms. Pearl.

Pearl's reward is to prance around with this stick. She's a wacko. The cows plot their next caper.


  1. I'm with you Bridget, cows are smart.. Growing up we raised several "hand fed" calves... They're very inquisitive. Very playful, which can be dangerous~~ At 10 I was corned by "Babe" and rammed into a fence several times with that big head.. 2 broken ribs, and Babe was butchered shortly there after.. my poodle Pierre saved me by barking, biting her heels to get her away.... I don't think we've had a cow on this property since... Remind me to tell you the story of our baby lamb Butch, who grew up to be extremely mean ( thanks to the teasing of my brother & neighborhood kids)... Jeanie

  2. I'm loving getting your posts--and the post about compost wasn't the least bit boring--in fact quite informative.

    I'm living vicariously through your blog, what I would be loving doing if my health would allow such ventures!

    One day, when we return to NM, for another trip, I'd love to drop in and meet you in person!!


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