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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Northern New Mexico Traffic Jam

We've become spoiled when it comes to traffic since there isn't much to speak of in Mora County unless school is getting out at the K-12 school complex or I get stuck behind the school bus.

This kind of traffic jam is kind of fun, though, as long as you don't have to get somewhere at a certain time. Cows can't tell time, (at least they haven't indicated that to me) they just amble and mosey.

On the road to Angel Fire today a herd of cattle was being moved from point A to point B, so we had to slow down until these (mostly) moms and their babies had passed.

They were unconcerned about walking along the highway, stopping to grab a bite to eat along the way, looking at the cars, like, "We're bigger than you, so we will continue to amble and mosey and you can't do anything about it!"

Some of these cows were big, so I had a chance to see what the Angus Boys would look like when they were finished. As an aside, I have contacted a grass fed beef co-op to help us market our beef.

This little guy seemed a little bewildered about the whole process even though his mama was just ahead. The cattleman moved his horse up a bit and the little fellow skedaddled closer to his main source of nutrition and comfort.

I suspect cattlemen love holding up traffic, their old fashioned transportation making a statement to the lazy drivers in their cars.

It looks like this baby is having one for the road. What mamas must endure.

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  1. Love it!! I'm never in to much of a hurry to stop & enjoy this kind of traffic jam. They move the cattle around alot up in the Kern Valley so I've run into a few "drives".. I sit back and watch. No Worries ;0) Jeanie


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